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/*    $Id: tbl_vars.h,v 1.17 2004/11/14 21:57:54 rrt Exp $  */

 * Add an entry to this list for declaring a new global variable.
 * If you do any modification, please remember to keep in sync with the
 * documentation in the `../doc/zile.texi' file.
 * The first column specifies the variable name.
 * The second column specifies the variable type.
 *   - "b" for boolean ("true" or "false");
 *   - "" (empty string) for non-fixed format.
 * The third column specifies the default value.
 * The forth column specifies the variable documentation.

X("alternative-bindings",           "b", "false", "\
Remap the help functions (bound by default to `C-h') to `M-h'.  This may\n\
be useful when `C-h' is already bound to Backspace or Delete.\n\
Please note that changing this variable at run-time has no effect; you\n\
need instead to modify your `~/.zilerc' configuration file and restart Zile.")
X("backup-directory",               "", "~/.backup", "\
Specify target backup directory.  Directory must be existent.\n\
This value is used only when the `backup-with-directory' value is true.")
X("backup-method",                  "", "simple", "\
Specify the file backup method.\n\
Possible values are: none and simple.\n\
 - If `none' is specified, Zile will not create backup files.\n\
 - If `simple' is specified, Zile will create a backup file with a\n\
   tilde `~' appended to the name (e.g.: on saving `foo.c' it will\n\
   create the backup `foo.c~').")
X("backup-with-directory",          "b", "false", "\
If enabled Zile will backup files to a user specified directory;\n\
the directory must exist and must be specified in the\n\
variable `backup-directory'.")
X("beep",                     "b", "true", "\
If enabled, a sound will be emitted on any error.")
X("expand-tabs",              "b", "false", "\
If disabled, Zile will insert hard tabs (the character `\\t'),\n\
otherwise it will insert spaces.")
X("fill-column",              "", "72", "\
The default fill column (used in Auto Fill Mode).")
X("highlight-nonselected-windows",  "b", "false", "\
If enabled, highlight region even in nonselected windows.")
X("skip-splash-screen",             "b", "false", "\
If enabled, the splash screen at startup will be avoided.")
X("standard-indent",                "", "4", "\
Default number of columns for margin-changing functions to indent.")
X("tab-width",                      "", "8", "\
The default tabulation width.")
X("auto-fill-mode",                 "b", "false", "\
If enabled, the Auto Fill Mode is automatically enabled.")
X("transient-mark-mode",            "b", "true", "\
If enabled, deactivates the mark when the buffer contents change.\n\
Also enables highlighting of the region whenever the mark is active.\n\
The variable `highlight-nonselected-windows' controls whether to\n\
highlight all windows or just the selected window.")

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